Misti at Balanced Foodies is exceptional.  She really helped me “recover” and not only get back on track, but got me on a better track after my second baby.  With her expert advice and coaching I was able to successfully change my habits from eating anything and everything, to consuming foods that encouraged healthy hormone balance and milk production as well as helped me maintain my energy level so I could care for my newborn.

After 90 days of Misti’s tailored approach, in conjunction with light exercise, I lost 20 pounds and approximately 5 inches.  Thank you Balanced Foodies and thank you Misti! I could not have done it without you!”

– Paige K.,  Austin, TX  

“I was recently prescribed thyroid medication, which I did not want to take, for a lifetime. Knowing the importance of our thyroid, I knew I needed to do something. I contacted Balanced Foodies, and certified nutritionist Misti Buie, did the research and got me on track to having a healthy thyroid and eliminated the need for prescription meds. Balanced Foodies provided me with a healthy eating lifestyle and incorporated natural foods into my daily eating. It’s nice to know that we aren’t alone in trying to figure out what our bodies need and exactly what to read on food labels. Balanced Foodies is a great way to take control of your health and experience an eating lifestyle that’s right for you.”

-Kim L.,  Keller, TX

“I learned of Balanced Foodies through a friend who recommended Misti and her extensive knowledge as a nutritionist and lover of a whole foods balanced diet. I approached her with my needs as I was struggling with finding a healthy way to put on weight. I suffer from egg and milk allergies combined with my high metabolism and athletic lifestyle, I really had a hard time putting on weight and maintaining it. I tired high calorie diets that I thought were going to work but was left feeling tired and unhealthy. It wasn’t until I hired Misti of Balanced Foodies that I learned what areas I was missing in my diet as well as why I was failing to reach my goals. Misti worked with my food limitations and carefully crafted a multi week diet complete with recipes, food ideas and weekly shopping lists. In one month I started feeling better and fuller longer just by eating the right balance of food and I was able put on 7 pounds in 7 weeks and am maintaining that weight as well. I can’t thank her enough for helping me get back on track after being off for so long. Highly recommend you give her a try, I know you will be as happy and healthy feeling as I am. Thanks again Balanced Foodies!”

-Adam H., Ft Worth, TX