Misti Buie, Holistic Nutritionist

I’ve been interested in food, health, and wellness for as long as I can remember. When troubleshooting my newborn daughter’s bouts of skin irritations, spitting up, and excessive crying, it was suggested that I eliminate dairy, gluten, and eggs from my diet to ease her symptoms. This was an intense lifestyle shift for me, as I couldn’t imagine life without a cheese plate! Not knowing how to transition my eating habits, I looked around town for resources to guide me with dietary changes. Experiencing limited nutritional support for new moms, I decided to combine two of my biggest passions: helping people and cooking, to fulfill this need in the community.

Utilizing past careers in nutrition and IT consulting, I apply my diverse background, formal training at American College of Healthcare Sciences, and personal experiences to create individualized nutrition consultations. My knowledge of various diets allows me to educate clients and guide them in making healthful dietary choices.

Whether you need an immediate dietary intervention, or you simply want to revitalize your overall health and wellness, I look forward to the opportunity of guiding you on your journey.

Join me and discover your inner Balanced Foodie!