3 Day Clean Up Collaboration

Oh geez, my blog posting is embarrassing. I have not fallen off the planet, in fact, I’ve been all over this planet (it seems) upping my networking game and showing my face around town.

Guess what? Balanced Foodies has been around for one year now! Hooray! Huge shout out to all my clients who trusted me to guide them to change their eating habits and everyone who has supported me by following my social media accounts. I feel like things are really really good right now which leads me to tell you about this awesome collaboration that I’m doing with Carriefit. On Tuesday, July 5, 2016, the 3 Day Clean Up will happen (click this link to learn more and this link to register). Carrie will be sharing her fitness expertise and I will be sharing a meal plan, complete with recipes and a grocery shopping list. We will be around answering your questions and supporting YOU. And all registered participants who wish to work with me one on one will receive a discount on my services! Score!

Stay tuned because I’m working on something AWESOME for August. Hope you’ll join me!!

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