Quick Healthy Snacks While Traveling and On the Go

Hello? It’s me. Where is the time going? I have majorly slacked with blogging. Consulting is picking up, which is wonderful, but has left me with little time to put together little tidbits that I think you’ll enjoy. Back in December, I was given an amazing opportunity to do a healthy holiday treat demo for the Junior Women’s Club in Fort Worth. We had a great time and during Q & A, we talked about what kind of healthy food is available while traveling. Then at a different meeting, the topic of healthy grab & go snacks came up. That got me thinking that I needed to put together a list of ideas to share with you.

The majority of packaged convenience foods are loaded with artificial ingredients, sugar and highly processed oils. Fortunately, minimally processed, nutrient-dense packaged snacks are on the rise. You don’t need to check an extra bag for your snacks, but having a plan and a snack stash will decrease your chances of becoming hangry and will provide you with a healthy option.

These are my favorite bars (made in Austin!), which are perfect for packing or throwing in a bag:



THUNDERBIRD energetica


If bars aren’t your thing, pack some nuts, seeds or dried fruits. Just make sure that your mix doesn’t include added sugar or processed oils. Nut butter packets, kale chips or seaweed sheets are another great option that are nutrient-dense and energy boosting.

If you are staying in a hotel, ask for a mini refrigerator. At a nearby market, you can purchase cottage cheese, yogurt, hard cheese, roasted meat, hummus, or pre-cut veggies.

The key is to plan and have something that will tide you over. If you are empty handed, you are more likely to choose an unhealthy item with empty calories, making you hungry soon after.