What is Balanced Foodies?

Balanced Foodies is a consulting firm that provides a variety of services that include meal planning, kitchen and grocery assistance, and holistic nutrition education.

Balanced Foodies takes the fear and boredom out of healthy eating, showing you how easy, inexpensive, delicious, and satisfying it can be.

Balanced Foodies revitalizes health and wellness through holistic nutrition. When you incorporate more whole foods that supply essential micro- and macronutrients,  you reshape your eating habits, which promotes balance in your body.

  • What is holistic nutrition?

Holistic nutrition is nourishing and nurturing your body with whole foods; it also encompasses the mind, hence the balance.  

  • What are whole foods?

Whole foods are foods in their natural state that contain a balance of mico and macronutrients. They also contain only one ingredient.

  • What are micro- and macronutrients?

Micronutrients include vitamins and minerals; they provide nutrients for development and well-being.

Macronutrients include fats, carbohydrates and proteins; they provide nutrients for energy and calories.


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